Hinge Therapeutics is an early-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on developing small-molecule therapeutics against traditionally undruggable/challenging targets for unmet medical needs.

The Hinge Drug Discovery Platform, our proprietary technology, has generated several novel inactivators against targets which are traditionally targeted only by large molecules such as antibody and siRNA.
Current areas of interest include:
• Hemophilia and other bleeding disorders
• Solid tumors (immune oncology approach targeting tumor microenvironment)
• Cardiovascular Diseases
• CNS (including Alzheimer’s)
• Rare Disease
• Anti-aging

Hinge Drug Discovery Platform Consists of Three Steps:

• Evaluation of the target based on the sequence information, mutation, known and proprietary induced protein conformational change
• Design molecules which trigger functional conformational change and validate the approach
• Proprietary Hinge-focused library which acts on Hinge and induces functional conformational change to affect PPI/act as inhibitor
• Biophysical analysis to determine the in vitro SAR
• Ex vivo model combined with proprietary Ion image sensor technology evaluate the efficacy and safety of the compounds

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The Hinge Drug Discovery Platform