Yoshihiko Futamura, PhD

Founder and Director

Dr. Futamura is an expert in programming methodology and the inventor of the Futamura Projections in partial evaluation and PAD (Problem Analysis Diagram PDF1MB). PAD has been adopted as an international standard (ISO8631) and a national standard of China (GB13502). His career has included a professorship at the Department of Information and Computer Science, Director of the Institute for Software Production Technology (ISPT) of Waseda University and senior roles at the Hitachi Central Research Laboratory. Automatic generation of computer programs and programming methodology are his main research fields. He has served as editor of the Journal of New Generation Computing and on the advisory boards of the Journal of New Generation Computing Journal of Higher Order and Symbolic Computation.

Additionally, Dr. Futamura serves as director of InfiniteBio and the President and Chairman of Futamura Institute, Inc. He received his BS in mathematics from Hokkaido University in 1965, MS in applied mathematics from Harvard University in 1973 and Ph.D. degree from Hokkaido University in 1985. He is a fellow of Japan Society for Software Science and Technology. 

Dr. Futamura’s Projections help formulate a general theory for drug discovery and gene therapy and derive a special theory for diseases such as Cancer and Alzheimer disease. by specializing the general theory. The goal is to establish an efficient, logical and general strategy to novel targets, including quickly emerging targets such as COVID-19 and make the drug discovery process more efficient.